WIN MCH aims to work on several challenge areas in Maternal and Child Health. They closely relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 3, and their corresponding targets. (See and being for more information.)

Some of the problem areas in India corresponding to these goals:

  • 50% of pregnant women are anaemic
  • 38.4 of children aged under 5 are stunted
  • 38% of children in age group 1 to 2 are not fully immunized.

WIN MCH will address some of the following areas:

  • Addressing maternal and child malnutrition to reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality through interventions for better food habits and supplements.
  • Ensuring fast and cost-effective diagnostics, preferably at local level through local health workers, point of care devices, tele-medicine etc., to ensure subsequent timely medical care.
  • Ensuring mothers avail quality antenatal care services with all the components to detect pregnancy complications in time.
  • Ensuring post-natal care at the community level for mothers and babies to prevent deaths and morbidity.
  • Follow up and referral of low birth weight babies and preterm babies at the community level to reduce neonatal mortality
  • Upgrading knowledge, skills and tools with local health worker to enable them to support local communities, particularly mothers, by providing basic health and hygiene guidance, basic diagnostics services, and timely referral to higher level medical care.

Innovation development, adaptation and prototyping

Windmill Health Pvt.Ltd.,

Neobreathe: Foot Operated Resuscitation Device for New Born

Neobreathe is the world’s first foot operated resuscitation device for small babies. The air is propelled using an ergonomic foot pump, thus freeing one hand of the operator. The hand thus freed, can be used by the single operator to create a two handed effective mask seal. Alternatively, the freed hand can also be used for effective multi-tasking such as neck positioning, stimulation, chest compressions and auscultation for air-entry and heart rate.
Biosense Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


TouchHb is a non-invasive anaemia screener, developed by Bio-sense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It detects anaemia without a needle poke, by identifying the presence of pallor in conjunctiva. The device does not only provide easy functionality factor, but also on the affordability factor. This enables health workers to use it in point of care situation in rural and remote areas to screen larger number of people.
Parisodhana Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Neowarm Self Heating Blanket for Pre-Term Babies

Air activated Self-heating blanket for transporting pre-term babies from remote areas to hospitals. No electricity or hot water or any external heat source required. This enables keeping the baby temperature at required level for upto 8 hours in a controlled manner.


Samerth Charitable Trust Shrimati Malati Dahanukar Trust (SMDT)

Developing Women Entrepreneurs & Improving nutrition intake in children and young women in five Gram Panchayats of Sanand

Mother and Child nutrition are critical to build a healthy society. Also on the other hand, malnutrition remains a major challenge in India, as per the NHFS 5 report.

WIN Foundation, through partnership with Samerth Charitable Trust(MHT), Shrimati Malati Dahanukar Trust (SMDT) launched this project to reduce malnutrition among mothers, infant children and adolescent girls, in five Gram Panchayats of Sanand, through a self-sustainable market creation strategy, through following dual approach:

Create Demand or Pull for nutritious food and hygiene among poor communities through awareness and habit formation programs, through women field health workers training and tracking and supporting their counseling activities among mothers and communities.
Address the Supply or Push factors by training and supporting women led microenterprises for nutritious food production and sale to the community. This includes training and hand holding them for all aspects of business.

1 community mobilization - Nutrition
Mahila Housing Sewa Trust(MHT), Rural Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Foundation (REAL), Shrimati Malati Dahanukar Trust (SMDT)

Women & Adolescent Girls Led Approach for Food & Nutrition Security in Urban Slums

Mother and Child nutrition are critical to build healthy society. WIN Foundation, through partnership with Mahila Housing Sewa Trust(MHT), Rural Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Foundation (REAL) & Shrimati Malati Dahanukar Trust (SMDT) launched this project to improve health & well-being of slum dwellers through integrated nutrition & WASH intervention coupled with micro-entrepreneurship for nutrition – addressing Demand and Supply factors as follows:
Create Pull or Demand for nutrition and hygiene: Generate awareness and knowledge among communities for nutrition & hygiene. Train Health Champions / Leaders from within community to regularly train and counsel mothers and other stakeholders.
Create Push or Supply of nutritious food: Create and nurture women microentrepreneurs from within community, to make and supply nutritious food items to community and outside. This creates the Push or supply of nutritious food items to fulfil the demand and also creates livelihoods and economic value-add within the community.
This dual Push – Pull strategy is aimed to create sustainable transformation.
Spoken Tutorial Project Group, IIT Bombay

Development Of Spoken Tutorials On Health For Health Information Dissemination

Spoken tutorials are created by the Spoken Tutorial Project Group at IIT Bombay, for self-learning with usage of audio-visual screen-casts. The duration of the tutorials are usually 10-12 minutes and are available in major Indian languages. The tutorials can be downloaded and used offline without internet access. The tutorials are on exclusive breastfeeding, recipes for complementary feeding, pre-pregnancy, adolescence, nutrition during pregnancy, nutrition during lactation, junk foods & health, science of nutrition and safety & food hygiene.

These tutorials are aimed at training of field health workers, training of mothers by Health workers, and self training.

Shrimati Malati Dahanukar Trust (SMDT)

Maternal, Infant and Young Child nutrition: Training of Trainers

Comprehensive Training on “First 1000 days – Maternal & Child Nutrition” for Health Workers over 3 days covering technical and counseling skills on Maternal, Infant & Young Child Nutrition (1st 1000 days) to prevent malnutrition in mothers and children thereby preventing underweight, stunting & wasting.
The Breakfast Revolution, Implementation partner: Niswarth Children Foundation

Nutritious Breakfast for Aanganwaadi Children

To provide nutritious breakfast packets for anganwadi children and to study its impact of their health, in selected villages in Bavla area in Ahmedabad district, along with health counselling to anganwadi workers, parents and children . The project covers 300 children over 1 year (approx. 250 days per year).
Pic 1- project main page
Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay

Child Nutrition Centre of Excellence – ChiNu

To set up a Diamond Jubilee Child Nutrition Centre – ChiNu, at CTARA (Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas), IIT Bombay, to assist in the task of a malnutrition free India as a knowledge partner, taking localized food recipes with measured nutrition values, and then spreading them in field using home cooking or local production, including through micro-entrepreneurship.


Under a comprehensive health data management project, three field testing sites have been developed in a period of two years:
- Urban (Behrampura and Vasna),
- Rural (Bavla block, Ahmedabad District) and
- Tribal (Bhiloda, Meghraj and Modasa of Aravalli district).

Approximately 2.5 lakh individuals were surveyed, for information related to socio-economic status, obstetric history, complication during and after pregnancy, health of new-born child, immunization and anthropometry of children under 5 years of age.

People Say

Win Global Foundation has helped us to achieve our vision of empowering community health care workers on the knowledge of Maternal Infant Young Child Nutrition.... This will help them to eradicate malnutrition from India. They have also partly funded Health Spoken Tutorial series on health and nutrition from IIT Bombay which are translated in multiple languages for training of the mothers and health care workers in local language. The excellent results are already being seen in the field.

Dr.Rupal Dalal

Director, Health and Nutrition, Shrimati Malati Dahanukar Trust, (SMDT), Mumbai
(Project - Training of the Trainers - Child Nutrition - age 0 to 3 years)
Mothers experienced that the IIT Spoken Tutorial Video during antenatal is an easy way to teach breastfeeding technique when video is guided by health worker also.... After she is guided by health worker once, mother needs to revise it, so this need is fulfilled by video. Sometimes relatives also help by showing the technique through video. Video also helps the health workers to remember things which they may have missed during the demonstration. This audio visual material is very easy to understand for the mothers, relatives and health workers. We also use them for complementary feeding as mother is confused which type of food to give the baby. Also, it is also easy for us to teach mothers in minimal time. Thank You Spoken Tutorial!

Dr. Hitesh Prajapati

Mo Phc Jashwantgadh Sabarkantha, Gujarat
(Project - Training of the Trainers - Child Nutrition - age 0 to 3 years)
We started Parisodhana with a dream to use our patent pending technology based product, Neowarm - self heating portable blanket, for saving lives of one million pre-term babies in India and across the world, in a cost effective manner.... WIN Foundation recognised our unique technology, design and desired social impact goals, and agreed to provide support for the very crucial phase of product validation and refinement trials and also supported us in establishing the important links with Gujarat medical fraternity for these trials in rural and urban settings. WIN Foundation's encouragement and quick decision helped us role out trials in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Telangana rapidly.

Mr.Satyanarayana V N T Kuchibhatla, Ph.D.,

Co-founder & Director, Parisodhana Technologies  Pvt. Ltd.
(Innovation- Air activated Self-heating blanket: NeoWarm )
It has been a pleasure to work with WIN-MCH. We thank them for their prompt, empathetic and responsive support which helped us extend the benefits of NeoBreathe ... to hundreds of babies in remote districts of Uttar Pradesh. We look forward to continuing this association to further scale the impact of our lifesaving innovation, especially in Gujarat.

Dr. Avijit Bansal

Founder - Windmill Health, Inventor-NeoBreathe, Easy to use infant resuscitator
(Innovation - Foot operated resuscitation device: Neobreathe)
Newborn resuscitation is a mission for us, In NeoBreathe we have found a credible partner.

Dr. Sanjiv Kumar

MD, Faridabad Medical Center, Haryana
(Innovation - Foot operated resuscitation device: Neobreathe)
Freeing one hand, NeoBreathe allows better control over resuscitation. It also allows us to manage pressure - these are the biggest advantages.

Dr. Somashekhar Nimbalkar

Prof. and Head, Pediatrics, PS Medical College and SK Hospital, Anand
(Innovation - Foot operated resuscitation device: Neobreathe)