Partner Organization: Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay

The Centre  will focus, inter alia, on i) use of large data analytics, ii) ICT in capacity building to propagate preventive steps and their institutionalisation, iii) ICT based Counselling support for individual mothers’ and field level functionaries, iv) nutrient delivery through food route – food and nutrition lab. Expertise in these four segments will help creating templates for preparing customised plans of action at district and sub-district level. It will also help identification of the ‘closest to the goal – post’ districts for achieving malnutrition free status and serving as role models.

WIN is funding the component of nutrient delivery through food route as part of above with following tasks: (i) develop innovative nutritious food products, with measured nutrition content, (ii) test them with communities to verify outcome, refine the products and then (iii) work out strategy and business /delivery models to introduce the products to target segments and communities to drive nutrition improvements. This would also include supporting local micro-entrepreneurship through Women Self Help Groups and other micro-enterprises.

About  Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay and Prof. Satish Agnihotri, Head, CTARA.

Project Head : Prof.Satish.B Agnihotri, Professor and Head of CTARA, IITB. Prof Agnihotri, retired IAS officer, served the Government of India and State Government of Odisha under several capacities. Under his initiative, the Government of Odisha had launched a campaign in November 1998 to eliminate severe malnutrition among children, To know more visit

Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas, IIT Bombay, works on the perspectives, policies, and practices pertaining to technology, development, and the interrelationship between the two, for development of rural areas and towns, by bringing interdisciplinary capabilities at IIT Bombay, along with close collaborations with various Governmental Departments at the Centre and State; Industrial Houses, Non-governmental Organizations/Community Based Organizations. CTARA also offers M. Tech. Program in Technology and Development,  Ph.D, and Post Doctoral research programs. 

IIT Bombay is the leading Technology institute in the country. In addition to academic departments,  has several interdisciplinary centres, like CTARA, Tata Centre for Technology and Design, Entrepreneurship Centre, Research Park and the Leading startup incubator SINE, to promote technology oriented entrepreneurship and development initiatives.

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Further Information

  1. Eliminating Malnutrition: Evidence and communicating –  Presentation by Prof.Agnihotri (click here)