WIN Foundation Innovation Support programs aim to 

  1. Bring Science to Society: support Researchers, Innovators and Startups, to  bring innovative technologies, products and business models from labs to communities for better quality of lives and liveliohood, and help create sustainable and scalable social impact. 
  2. Bring Society to Science: Inculcate a scientific approach among communities through experience of trying and evaluating new technology, products, and develop strong curiosity,  capability and attitude to try new and adopt products and processes to improve their lives and livelihoods

WIN Foundation has supported several initiatives towards above, including:

  1. WIN Innovative Product Market Validation Support Program 
  2. National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition (NBEC 2019 and NBEC 2020)
  3. Work together to promote Social Entrepreneurship with ecosystem partners like Social Alpha, Aspire Labs, iCreate, etc.

Major Programs

  1. WIN Innovative Product Market Validation Support Program 

WIN, under its own WIN Innovative Product Market Validation Support Program,  supports startups with social impact products, in the critical product prototype ->trial -> refinement stage and market validation with actual user communities, through  NGO partners who are in close touch with target communities. This is to achieve the twin objectives of

  1. enabling the communities to try innovative products which can lead to improvement of their quality of life and
  2. enabling the startups to get critical inputs on product and market. We have received very good response from both start-ups and community partners.

We have already supported several startups under this program under WATSAN and MCH.

Water and Sanitation

Low Cost and Field usable Water and Soil Testing Kits

Foundation for Environmental Monitoring (FFEM)

Soil tests enable estimation of the concentration of nutrients, as well as contaminants, in order to determine fertilizer recommendations and any corrective steps for soil for specific crops, in agriculture. Water quality testing is critical for determining suitability for various uses. These kits are usable by farmers and field workers, and provide instant results to enable timely corrective action.
Borewell water level sensors

CFar Sensors India Pvt. Ltd.

Electronic Borewell Water Level Sensor: The product enables farmers, businesses and regulating bodies, the ability to monitor the level of water in tanks, borewells and dugwells, at low cost, and also remotely control the operation of pumps if required. The piezoelectric sensor, lowered to the bottom of the borewell, transmits changes in water level to a cloud server, through a gsm modem, in realtime.
Oston 1
Smart Retrofit Toilet Kit To Transform Existing Toilet Into Disabled Friendly Toilet

Oston Technology

Specially designed wall mounted foldable commode, with adjustable height, that could be attached to any toilet to be accessible for disabled and osteoarthritis patients, thus increasing toilet usage with better hygiene among disabled within the poor communities.
Soil and Weather Monitoring Stations

Proximal Soilsens Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Soilsens has designed Soil moisture and Weather sensing stations, at a considerably reduced cost, with capability to transmit data to cloud through a GSM modem, in real time. They can provide raw data plus advisory, in a dynamic manner, and enable farmers to provide inputs in an optimum and timely manner and maximize output.

Maternal and Child health 


Biosense Technologies Pvt. Ltd

TouchHb is a portable hand-held non-invasive anaemia screener, developed by Bio-sense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It detects anaemia without a needle poke, by identifying the presence of pallor in conjunctiva. The device does not only provide easy functionality factor, but also on the affordability factor. This enables health workers to use it in point of care situation in rural and remote areas to screen larger number of people for anaemia, which afflicts over 50% of women in the country.
Neowarm Self Heating Blanket for Pre-term Babies

Parisodhana Technologies Pvt Ltd

Air activated Self-heating blanket for transporting pre-term babies from remote areas to hospitals. No electricity or hot water or any external heat source required. This enables keeping the baby temperature at required level for upto 8 hours in a controlled manner.

WIN Challenge – AI/ML for Child growth and Health Monitoring

WIN Foundation, with  iTIC Incubator at IIT Hyderabad,  jointly  launched the WIN Challenge – Track 1, in Jun’21.  The focus area of this challenge is `Child Growth and Health Monitoring, using AI /ML’, a critical technology to tackle malnutrition in IndiaThe jury members of `WIN challenge’ selected two candidates, who will work under the iTIC pre-incubation program to develop technology for Child Growth and Health Monitoring, with WIN Foundation fellowship support.

WIN Challenge document:

The pre-incubation program at iTIC will offer following:

  • Structured mentoring under pre-incubation program
  • Lateral entry for grants from iTIC-IIT-Hyderabad, for upto INR 10 lakhs
  • Technical mentorship support
  • Access to IITH labs and infrastructure
  • Co-working space for upto 3 people
  • Pilot testing opportunity with WIN Foundation


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C-CAMP conducted the fourth edition of the National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition, # NBEC 2020, on behalf of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

WIN Foundation was again a category partner for NBEC 2020 for the domains of (1) Water and Sanitation and (2) Maternal and child health. WIN Foundation was the category partner for NBEC -2019 as well for these two domains.

The annual NBEC program has emerged as the flagship program to identify and reward some of the most promising deep tech ideas in all domains of the Life Sciences including agriculture, environment, personal care products, AMR, drugs & therapeutics and more. These ideas and innovations aim to solve country’s challenges through scalable and sustainable business approaches to achieve societal and economic impact.

NBEC 2020 this time adopted innovative online processes, allowing for participation by juries from across the country. It received 3100+ applications from Start-ups, individuals and students, from the 33 States and Union Territories of India.  Based on review by domain experts,  300+ applications were shortlisted for regional qualifier pitching round (virtual), which were held between November 17-24.  The jury members were  from diverse background- industry, academia, and investor community. Following the regional qualifiers, 54 business ideas have been shortlisted for a virtual Boot Camp and Mentoring Programs were held between 1-3 December. The Grand Finale and prize distribution ceremony was held on 19th December 2020, the following startups won the awards in the WIN sponsored categories:


  1. NanoPearl – Deau Technologies Pvt.Ltd

NanoPearl is an indigenously developed multivalent two stage solution with following characteristics:

  • it simultaneously tackles high TDS, heavy-metal and microbial-contamination in a single unit.
  • It uses an adsorbent made up of conscious metallic nanoparticle embedded inside the nano-engineered crystal structure which ultimately results into a super purifier.
  • This system provides accepted levels of BIS-10500-2012 for safe-drinkable-water.
  1. CerviScan – Sascan Meditech Pvt Ltd.

CerviScan is an automated system for screening and detection of very early stage cervical cancers using a           disruptive multimodal imaging technology with the following characteristics:

  • Imaging of tissue fluorescence, diffuse reflectance and absorption, using multispectral illumination·
  • Non-invasive mapping of the loss in collagen fluorescence and oxyhaemoglobin absorption in cervical tissues·
  • Application of cloud-based ML algorithm for detection of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN)·
  • Biopsy guidance for improving diagnostic accuracy

Health Workers can be trained to operate the Cerviscan under field conditions.  Cerviscan is portable, easy to use. Thus it provides an ideal tool for mass screening in remote areas.

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  • Period : 1st August 2019 to 14th December 2019

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), Bangalore, conducted the 3rd Edition of NBEC, from the 1st of August to 14th December, 2019. The objective of the competition is to identify ideas that have business potential and societal impact. NBEC, thus, serves as a forum to amplify bio-entrepreneurship across the country.

The competition received nearly 3000 applications from across the. Following the regional qualifiers, 67 business ideas were shortlisted for the Boot Camp held between 11-13 December in Bengaluru. The rigorous jury evaluations on 13th and 14th saw tough competition among promising startups leading to selection of final winners.

As category partner for (i) Water and Sanitation and (ii) Maternal and Child Health, WIN Foundation participated in early evaluation and then jury rounds, and sponsored the category awards.



  1. Start-up name: Alcheme

Subdomain: Water & Sanitation

Founders :  Prof. Prabhu Rajagopal Professor, IIT Madras  and Mr. Divanshu Kumar

Robotic solution for homogenisation of contents, intervention, and cleaning in septic tanks. Alcheme is developing HomeSEP, a robotic solution for homogenizing and breaking the sludge in the restricted space of septic tank. The key features of HomeSEP include: intrinsic safety, minimalistic design with reduced number of moving parts, modularity to cater to variable sizes of septic tanks and an expandable compact architecture, with low carbon-footprint. The solution is also designed to be cost-effective and easy to operate. HomeSEP will help in overcoming the practice of manual scavenging, provide the sanitary workers with a dignified and healthy way to provide services, and thus create a large societal impact.

  1. Start-up name: Blackfrog Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Date of incorporation: 04 November 2015

Biotech subdomain: Maternal & Child Health (MCH); Medical Devices

Founder: Mr. Mayur Shetty CEO, Blackfrog Technologies

Portable and battery powered medical grade refrigerator for vaccine transport: Blackfrog has developed Emvólio- a portable, battery-powered refrigeration device that will strictly maintain any pre-set temperature for up to 12 hours for last-mile transport of vaccines. Further device capabilities will include continuous temperature monitoring, location tracking, state of charge indication, and communication with headquarters via live tracking and vital statistics. The device is meant for use in typical day-long immunization campaigns, where the healthcare workers take vaccines to the field and bring back the left-overs at the end of the day for reuse/disposal. Through this device, Blackfrog seeks to (i) reduce risk of vaccine becoming ineffective or unsafe, (ii) reduce the economic burden of wasted vaccines and (iii) optimize human resources in vaccine delivery by nullifying the need for repeated immunization visits to account for the administering of ineffective vaccines.

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