Neowarm Self Heating Blanket for Pre-Term Babies

Parisodhana has innovated an Air activated Self-heating blanket for transporting pre-term babies from remote areas to hospitals in a safe manner. No electricity or hot water or any external heat source required. This enables keeping the ambient temperature for the baby at required level for upto 8 hours in a controlled manner and thus prevent hypothermia, which causes death of around 1 million pre-term babies every year.

With WIN Foundation support, the self heating blanket has been tested in Gujarat, Telangana and Maharashtra, with over 200 trials. Encouraging results and feedback from medical practitioners, in turn, has resulted in support by others to fund more trials.

About Parisodhana:

“Parisodhana” is a platform created to develop solutions to problems facing the mankind through applied research and affordable product development, for social impact. “Team Parisodhana” is focused on developing alternative technologies and affordable solutions with commercial viability. Areas of interest include energy, health care and environmental protection.

Parisodhana is founded by Dr. Satyanarayan Kuchibatla and Dr. Ajay Karakoti. Both, Dr. Satya and Dr. Karakoti have M.Tech. from IIT Bombay and PhD from University if Central Florida, with about two decades of experience in materials, innovations and startups.

Further Information:

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