The Breakfast project aims to address chronic malnutrition by plugging important gap of morning nutrition among poor sections of society. Nutritious breakfast packets are provided for anganwadi children and periodic health assessment to measure outcome of the intervention. 300 children in across about 10 anganwadis , in selected villages in Bavla area in Ahmedabad district, have been selected for this project, spanning over 250 days of a school year.

Decimal Foundation, the Indian arm of The Breakfast Revolution (TBR), USA< has developed nutritious and tasty set of breakfast packets and is successfully running this program in several locations. With WIN Support, TBR India is supplying nutritious breakfast packets for aanganwaadis in selected villages in Bavla area, Ahmedabad district . Decimal conducted a baseline study through one health checkup at beginning of the program. Decimal will also conduct one at the end to measure the impact of project. The project covers 300 children over 1 year (approx. 250 days per year). 

Niswarth Children Foundation, as an implementing partner is involved in 

  • Identifying Aanganwaadis, 
  • Breakfast material storage and distribution, 
  • Training to Aangawadis staff, conunselling on health to anganwadi staff, parents and children,  and 
  • Intermediate assessment of on children health 

About  : The Breakfast Revolution Inc., USA and Decimal Foundation, India:TBR 

Project Head : Mrs. Neelam Jethwani, Co-founder & Managing Director of TBR, She is a retired lawyer. She is also an Entrepreneur (insurance) and avid philanthropist.  

The Breakfast Revolution (TBR) is a program under Decimal Foundation, a registered trust in Mumbai, with support from The Breakfast Revolution Inc, USA. Our snacks are revolutionizing the traditional approach to fighting malnutrition. The snacks are affordable, tasty and nutritious. Through an innovative program based on nutrition science and behavior change communication, we are able to make a significant impact on the health & well being of malnourished individuals.

For more details, visit the TBR website

Niswarth Children Foundation – Implementing Partner

Niswarth believes that in order for a child to reach their full potential they must have access to the most basic necessities; all of these are critical for a child’s overall development. Their objective is to help children reach their fullest potential.

For more details, visit the NCF website

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