Venture Name  :  Biosense technologies Pvt. Ltd., Product – ToucHb

TouchHb is a non-invasive anaemia screener, developed by Bio-sense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It detects anaemia without a needle poke, by identifying the presence of pallor in conjunctiva. The device does not only provide easy functionality factor, but also on the affordability factor. This enables health workers to use it in point of care situation in rural and remote areas to screen larger number of people.

Condition of Anaemia is checked, without drawing blood, by identifying the presence of pallor in conjunctiva, tongue and nail bed. However, the tongue pallor can be affected by oral hygiene. Perfusion, which determines the flow of blood to the extremities, also affects the colour in the nail bed. The conjunctiva pallor is a reliable factor to detect anaemia. The device captures the picture of conjunctiva and uses the method of reflectance photometry to estimate the haemoglobin content in blood in grams per decilitre.

Biosense Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,  with the help of  WIN Foundation, partnered with Sevak Foundation. Through this over 20,000 women and children in remote areas of Gujarat were tested for haemoglobin and blood sugar, right in their villages. Thus partnership with WIN Foundation helped in reaching the areas, where people find difficult to reach out for the diagnosis and treatment of their problems.

About Biosense:

Biosense, is a point of care diagnostic company, with a major focus in manufacturing devices which are easy to handle and use. It has developed innovative devices like ToucHb, Sync, A1Chek and Lipochek, enabling on field, instant tests of Anaemia, blood glucose, HbA1C and lipid, with accurate results. This enables quick on field diagnosis and possible treatment or referral to further medical consultation. The device software also enable digital reports, eliminating need for physical copies, and creating electronic medical record of each patient tested, which can be assessed anywhere, anytime in future. Biosense has its presence in major cities of India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Shimla, Patna, Kanpur, Bhubaneshwar, Lucknow, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai , Nagpur, Pune and Surat, Valsad.  

Biosense was founded by Dr. Abhishek Sen, an MBBS from Mumbai University and M.Tech.(Bio-medical engineering) from IIT Bombay. He holds the Echoing Green fellowship for social entrepreneurship and Fellowship for Point of Care Diagnostics in Global health, University of Washington, Seattle, USA. Dr.Sen is C.E.O of Biosense Technologies.

Biosense was acquired by Tulip Diagnostics in 2019. 

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Sevak Foundation has pioneered a model of village level empowered youth Sevaks to implement village development initiatives. 33 Sevaks cover 80 villages spread across 33 districts in the state. It is now expanding its wings to Orissa and Tamil Nadu. It has targeted several critical challenge areas, including (i) chronic disease prevention and management, (ii) sanitation and health education, (iii) toilet fabrication including getting government support, (iv) Sanitary napkins manufacturing facility operated by local women at Mota Kalavad village and (v) H1B screening, using the non-invasive touchB systems, with support of WIN Foundation, for anemia detection and cure.

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