• Almost 40% of farm produce goes waste due to improper storage and transportation facilities. Efficient cold chain systems can reduce food product wastage by 75%. However, cold chain systems tend to be large and capital intensive.Tan 9 Thermal Solutions Private Limited, a start-up based in Chennai has developed modular Cold Chain solutions for storage and transport for Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers and Fish. (Agri-Nutrition). With capacities ranging from 20 litres to 600 litres, these come at affordable price for marginal farmers, FPOs etc. They are also energy efficient, including some products using natural evaporative cooling.They can extend the shelf life of fresh perishable product by 2 – 4  days, thereby reduce wastage, provide better quality for longer time, and more time to reach larger markets, resulting in better price realization and earnings for farmers.

    WIN has supported this innovate technology product for product market validation through its Community Partner: Samirddi Agri Products C/o. Kutch Fodder Fruit and Forest Development Trust, Trial Location – Bhuj-Kutch, Gujarat with Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd (Unit of Tata Power Ltd) as corporate partner.

    Features of this product:

    • Affordable, energy efficient modular Cold storage solutions – de-centralize cold chain solutions for food supply chain.
    • Easy and cost-effective storage and transportation  of fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers and fish
    • extends life of produce and get better value in market

    Start-up developing Technology :  Tan90 Thermal Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, Co-Founder – Dr. Soumalya  Mukherjee

    For more details, visit  https://www.tan90thermal.com/

Tan90 thermal solutions is working on cost-effective de-centralized cold chain solutions aimed for marginal farmers. Through WIN Foundation, we have deployed our energy-efficient cold storages, meant for both storage and transport in Kutch, with Samriddhi as the community partner. Creating awareness about cost-effective cold storage is of primary importance, particularly when marginal farmers are the users. WIN Foundation, along with Samriddhi has helped us in setting up infrastructure, thereby creating awareness among the users. Not only that, WIN Foundation is working closely to evaluate the impact of the installed units, which forms the baseline for future installations that can reduce post-harvest losses, primarily for low value, high volume, and highly perishable leafy vegetables during the peak summer or during lockdown periods. 

We are excited to take our partnership ahead with the firm belief of creating more impact at the grassroots.

Dr. Soumalya  Mukherjee

Co-Founder, Tan90 thermal solutions