Specially designed wall mounted foldable commode, with adjustable height, that could be attached to any toilet to be accessible for disabled and osteoarthritis patients, thus increasing toilet usage with better hygiene among disabled within the poor communities. This also allows the disabled to sue toilets on their own, thus maintaining greater dignity, for both men and women. The product has both manually adjustable as well as motorized adjustable versions.

Founders: Mr.Kumar Kalika and Mr.Sayar Singh

WIN is supporting this start-up for product market validation through its Community Partner: Mahila Housing Sewa Trust, at trial locations: Jaipur, Amalner & Ranchi.

Need and Benefits :

More than 55 lakhs physically challenged (in-movement) and 1.5cr osteoarthritis patient in India go through a painful experience in using a toilet. The lack of accessible toilet in community and public spaces makes their live more difficult as they can’t use toilet when they commute out. 

About Oston Technology:

Oston Technology is an Industrial design firm based out of Jaipur, which develops innovative products and provides R&D solution to manufacturing industries.

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Further Information

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