Vishwakarma Award for Engineering Innovation 2023


Founded by the © Maker Bhavan Foundation, the award incentivises talented student innovators and tinkerers interested in developing scalable technological solutions that tackle real-world problems and boost India’s economy.

Vishwakarma Prize 2023 is co-organized by WIN Foundation and partnered with IIT Delhi. The theme for 2023 is Water & Sanitation, Clean Technology & Smart Mobility

Our goal is to incentivise student teams to build innovative solutions to real world problems in the domain of Water and Sanitation, Clean Technology and Smart Mobility.  Shortlisted teams gain financial support to build their prototype, mentorship and guidance from domain experts, and a  platform to showcase their solutions. There is further support available for selected finalist teams who the Judges select under “best product design” and “most innovative solution” in each of the tracks.This includes an opportunity for a MBF Fellowship to further develop their Prototype into a marketable product.

Vishwakarma Award is a nationwide thematic challenge to encourage talented student teams to build innovative, deployable prototypes rapidly and with impact.

Themes & Sub Themes

Water and Sanitation

  • Purification of Water
  • Desalination
  • Water Conservation
  • Low carbon footprint solutions
  • Measuring Instrumentation

Clean Technology

  • Carbon capture
  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Renewable power generation
  • Measuring and Instrumentation

Smart Mobility

  • Satellite technology
  • Unmanned vehicles -Airborne or Underwater with targeting capabilities
  • Sensors for Defense Technology

Grand Jury,Selection Committee and Mentors

Our Grand Jury and mentors are industry veterans, entrepreneurial leaders, angel investors, faculty members who are subject experts as well as NGOs who represent the end users.


  1. Best Product Design: INR INR 100,000/- ( maximum of 3 awardees)
  2. Most Innovative Solution : INR 100,000/- (maximum of 3 awardees)
  3. MBF Innovation Fellowship: Selected awardees who wish to take their solution to the next stage may get selected for the MBF Innovation Fellowship with maximum support up to an additional 2 lakh released based on milestones defined mutually.
  4. Summer Internship 2024: Innovation Fellows will be placed with an academic or industry research group for summer internship in 2024 summer.
  5. Certification: All finalist teams will get Certificates and an additional 10,000/- from the Foundation. They may also request for Letters of Recommendation ( LOR) from mentors and selection committee members.

Other Inclusions

  1. INR 5000 towards producing consumables for the initial prototype for all shortlisted teams.
  2. Additional INR 15,000 for further development of the prototype for 20 finalist teams.
  3. Travel support for up to 2 team members to location up to Rs 12,000 per team as well as stay and local hospitality.

You Should Apply Because

  • You are interested in expanding your job prospects in key emerging sectors.
  • You want to experience working in an interdisciplinary team that is valuable engineering experience critical for your professional career.
  • You are interested in entrepreneurship and developing a marketable product.
  • You are interested in developing an innovative solution that is relevant and has the potential to impact millions.





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