Training of Trainers: comprehensive Training on “First 1000 days – Maternal & Child Nutrition” for Health Workers over 3 days on technical and counseling skills on Maternal, Infant & Young Child Nutrition (primarily upto age 2).

The programme objective was to enhance the knowledge level of health workers in Sabarkatha district, Gujarat, on nutrition practices for mothers and young children in particular:

  • To empower master trainers with the technical knowledge of Infant & Young Child Nutrition & counselling techniques, including mother’s feeding and subsequent food.
  •  To make them confident to impart the same training to their colleagues and to mothers and other caregivers of young infant and children, with help of printed and electronic materials.
  • To help caregivers to help their children to survive and thrive, so that they reach their physical and intellectual potential, by improving their knowledge of health, hygiene and nutrition and child development.
  • To reduce the incidence of malnutrition through prevention, early detection and Treatment; thereby reducing the incidence of stunting, wasting and associated ill health.

WIN, supported for the production of Training kits (Training charts includes, Pregnancy charts, Food charts, doll and breast-model for demonstration, Pre and Post training test, Manual and Bag.)

About Dr. Rupal Dalal and SMDT

Dr. Rupal Dalal, MD, is Director of Maternal & Child Health at SMDT and also Adjuct Faculty for Nutrition at CTARA, IIT Bombay. She has over 2 decades of experience in pediatrics and nutrition. 

Shrimati Malati Dahanukar Trust (SMDT) was established in 1960 to address the community educational needs in Shrirampur, Maharashtra. While continuing to address education, SMDT widened its scope to include women and child welfare and environment & sustainability since 2012.

SMDT has been helping children get their rights to a healthy childhood and access to quality education. By empowering the women and self-help groups it is achieving financial parity among villagers to avail healthcare, education and nutrition. Through its various sustainable initiatives, SMDT is ensuring that we inhabit a healthier environment where animals are treated with as much care and concern as we enjoy.

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Further Information:

Training the Health Workers on Nutrition- Sabarkantha Report (click to open)