Start-up Name :  Wind Mill Health (Product – Neobreathe)

Neobreathe is the world’s first foot operated resuscitation device for small babies. The air is propelled using an ergonomic foot pump, thus freeing one hand of the operator. The hand thus freed, can be used by the single operator to create a two handed effective mask seal. Alternatively, the freed hand can also be used for effective multi-tasking such as neck positioning, stimulation, chest compressions and auscultation for air-entry and heart rate. Use of bag-mask causes a dynamic instability as the bag-compression movements take place in direct connection with the mask, making the whole system mobile and unstable. When the compression is done using the foot, these movements are isolated away from the face mask, reducing movements and facilitating a stable, secure seal. It has an integrated reusable manometer, to enable operators to objectively monitor the delivered pressure in real time. This enhances the safety profile, compared to blind performance. The pressure safety valve offers enhanced pressure safety, which is achieved through proprietary technology. Thus, this is world’s first manual resuscitation device that allows a single operator to deliver complete CPR.


Windmill Health is founded by Dr. Avijit Bansal, MBBS (UCMS, Delhi),DTCD (Patel Chest, Delhi), School of International Biodesign (SIB) Fellow (AIIMS – IITD initiative setup in collaboration with Stanford), Visiting Faculty, School of International Biodesign (SIB), AIIMS.

Further Information:
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