Partner organization : Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay

Project Leader : Dr. C. Subramaniam, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 

A research project, to develop a rural household nano technology based water purifier, through capacitive deionization, using carbon nanotubes coated cellulosic threads as anode and cathode. It handles water upto 4000 TDS, with less than 5% water wastage, and running on a single 1.5 V cell. As against this, a typical RO system consumes more electricity and has over 50% water wastage.


  • Reduce TDS in water at house-hold level – for upto 4000 TDS
  • Wastage <=5%  (as compared to >50% in RO plants)
  • Nano-technology filters based electrostatic deionization
  • Achieve cost efficiency of less than 1 Rs/litre

WIN is supporting for the following: 

  • To convert its laboratory scale product into a prototype for field testing
  • 50 prototypes under production – To be tested in various usage conditions with actual users in underdeveloped areas. Additional prototypes may produced at very low incremental cost
  • Prepare plan for a sustainable social business enterprise with objective to progress further to enable for production optimized design, mass production and nationwide marketing with a strong social impact focus. 

About Indian Institute of Bombay (IITB) and Dr. C. Subramaniam

Project Leader : Dr. C. Subramaniam is Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry,  Indian Institute of Technology Bombay  

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